Fight this Friday

I know for those of you that do CrossFit, the title is dangerously close to one of your named workouts.  This workout was nothing like Fight On Friday.  Three of the kids fight this friday at the Taekwondo Junior Olympics in Austin, Texas.  Good luck to Brittany, Lorin (Dex) and Travis.  Each will be competing in the 14-17 black belt division.  The top four finishers in each division qualify for a fight off in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center in August.  The winner of the fight off makes the Junior National Team.  It is so cool to be associated with kids that train and compete at that level.

Now that I have digressed, we had a nice turnout tonight in the cooler Monday evening air.  We did a shorter workout consisting of five rounds. Each round consisted of Overhead Lunges, Sling Shots, Clean and Press, One-Arm Swing and Squats.  It was designed to be an easier workout to keep the kids active, but not work them too hard.  Tana, Renee, Dexter and Josh all participated as well.  I think they all liked the easier start to the week.  I must say there was a look of surprise (relief?) on their faces when they heard after the first round that they only had 4 more to go.

Tana is looking great.  She is squatting deeper, clothes are looser and she is lifting more weight.  Great job and keep it up! One day she will let me put her picture on the site.  Until then, here are some of the rest of the gang…

Can you say balance, stretch and strength??

Can you say balance, stretch and strength??

Good to the core

Good to the core

Cleans and Presses

Cleans and Presses


4 Responses to Fight this Friday

  1. Brittany says:

    MAN WE LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great technique by you on the press and overhead lunge! You’ve made tremendous progress in only a couple weeks. Hope you keep coming after Juniors! We’ll just need some better weather than we had last night so we can swim afterward!

  3. Tana says:

    Yes, I am down a size and my clothes are loose but still self-concious. I feel great and look forward to working out (and regret when I have to miss a workout). Some day I will let a picture be put on the site.

    Congrats to Brittany!

    In recongnition of Brittanys’ Silver at Juniors I say we rename the “ropes” workout the “Brittanys”…it is her favorite!! 😉

  4. Brittany says:

    thanks.. i agree on the name.. HAHA! good job and keep up the great work on your weight loss. you are looking really good! YOU ARE SUCH A HARD WORKER TANA!!

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