Congrats to Brittany for a Silver at the Taekwondo Junior National Tournament.  As a result of this exceptional accomplishment, Brittany will compete at a team trial event to qualify for the Junior National Team and represent the United States at the  Junior Pan American Taekwondo Championships.  Good Luck to Brittany at the August trials!!!!

As a result of her accomplishment, I began thinking of the Blackbelt Success Cycle taught to us as we began our Taekwondo Journey to Blackbelt:

1. Know what you want – this is a classic example of the need to set a SMART goal. S(specific) M(measurable), A(attainable), R(realistic), and T(timed).  In this example for Brittany her SMART goal will be to S-make the Junior National Team, M – Measured by success at the team trials, A – absolutely attainable because she has already qualified for the team trial event, R – realistic because she has trained for many years in Taekwondo, travels 30+ miles each way 3 days a week to train for sport taekwondo, travels 20+ miles each way a couple more days per week for traditional taekwondo, trains crossfit at 6 am one day a week and also has begun training with Core Fit ‘N Motion!  She is totally dedicated and the goal is very real!!! T – her timeline is the team trial event in August.

2. Have a plan and take consistent action – her plan is outlined in the SMART goal listed in #1 above.

3. Have a success coach – Brittany has many – her parents, her taekwondo instructors, friends, crossfit coach and also me. 🙂

4. Review your progress and renew your goals.  Over the next month and a half, Brittany will have to “check in” and make sure she is making the progress she wants to see to best position herself for victory at the end of August.

Good Luck Brittany!!!



  1. Brittany says:

    AWWW!!!! Thank you so much, it feels so amazing to have reached a goal I have been working for all year. Now I have to set new goals (being a team member is only one). I am looking forward to all the new ways I can improve, including new ways to train, condition, stretch, and mentally prepare for my big shot. This is most definitely my biggest and most important opportunity yet. HERE COMES LOT’S OF HARD WORK AND TRAINING!!!!!

  2. Brittany says:

    HEY!!! Great my picture is not up yet… FANTASTIC! 😀

  3. Brittany says:

    dang it. i thought you would just leave that part out.

  4. Renee says:

    You look great Brittany!

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