Update – It’s been a while

Well, it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve actually added new content. Tonight we did a tough workout with Dexter and Jen.  Last time we did this one, I got the comment from Brittany:

“That workout we just recently did was fun, BUT very very tiring. For at least 3 days my legs were burning! OUCH. :)Don’t worry I will be ready to go again… I am ready for a challenge! Maybe I should not have said that :) Either way, Thanks for working me out and pushing me to my limits.”

We used the new timer to keep us one track – that thing is brutal!  I think the timer goes slow for the work rounds and fast for the rests!

I had a dinner at a work event last night so I left a workout behind for Tana and Renee.  I heard they did great!!!

Brittany, Lorin and Travis have stepped up their Taekwondo training for preparation for Brittany’s team trial event next month so I haven’t seen much of them.  I hope they can at least make it for some of our post workout swims in the pool before fall (we haven’t had much summer here in Minnesota).

We are getting close to moving into some real space soon!  I hope to be offering “real” classes starting September.  I’ve ready made several purchases for the space and can’t wait.  More on that later!

For now, keep it up Tana, Dexter and Renee (I’m amazed to see your improvements and strength increases so far). Keep coming Jen because you are sooooo close in form to move up in weight and really challenge yourself.  Kids (Brittany, Lorin and Travis) I hope to see you as you get time.  Kailee… once???? Come on let’s get a couple more in before you go off to college (best wishes!).  Casey and Chris, I hope to see you back again soon!


One Response to Update – It’s been a while

  1. Brittany says:

    HEHE!! Sorry about the tough workout guys… FUN HUH??? As for Kailee, i told her you would say workout… but she did not believe me. I really hope I can start doing more kettlebells. Crossfit is hard and fun… so is kettlebells. Best Wishes with the renovation of the space… can’t wait to be in there. BETTER START YOU INDOOR POOL PLANNING!!! 😀 hehe. I am so excited to watch your business grow and I am ready to meet new people and watch them grow in strength like i did. Even lately, Jen, Decca, Tana, Renee, Dex, everyone… YOU GUYS ARE DOING AMAZING!! Keep up the great work… OH!! And Tana… you are my hero… 🙂 you are looking so great!!!! Keep a smile… you are so wonderful. AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD… last but not least.. we ALL have to thank Alan for working us out all week, opening his pool, and getting that stinking timer we all love! Right guys???

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