Where’s Everyone

The kids have been stepping up their training for Taekwondo, so as a result it’s been just the adults (except for Josh).  Tonight we did a Tabata workout with Mike (welcome back from Nationals), Tana and Renee.  A tabata round can be the longest four minutes of your life!

Tana reported that she is now down two sizes.  She has worked out three days so far this week.  And… yesterday I saw her do repeated DEEP squats, holding a kettlebell.  Great job!  Renee is getting strong, pressing the 16 k bell.  Wow! Josh is starting to make it look too easy.  Maybe it’s time to move up. Dexter has developed great form, and will be rapidly increasing his weight as well.  Jen is coming once a week.  Yoga, Taekwondo and driving the kids is taking up a lot of her time.  Nonetheless she is catching on fast.


2 Responses to Where’s Everyone

  1. Brittany says:

    I can’t believe I am not working out with you all… i miss it!! i want to see how great tana is looking (especially on those brittanys!!!!! :D) Our workouts havr been brutal and very exhausting. Nonetheless, kepp going!

  2. Brittany says:


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