Family Affair

Things have been picking up.  This morning  we had Lyndsey, Mike and Dawn show up for the 6 am class.  Tonight we had Tana, Christine, Jackie, Jennifer, Sheila, Renee and Brittany.  Last week Tyler and Bobbie joined. Core Fit ‘N Motion is becoming a family affair.  Bobbie started on Saturday and is Brittany’s mom. Jackie and Christine also started on Saturday and they are Tana’s daughters. Tyler has been our paster for 8 years and feels like he’s part of our family and Lyndsey is my Taekwondo instructor’s wife. Not to mention, we also have Dexter and Jen (husband and wife) along with their son, Lorin, working out with us. To celebrate all the families, anyone that signs up for a new family membership during the remainder of September, can do so for $99 per month!

Also, due to popular demand we are changing the schedule a little. It seems as though 6:00 is too early in the evening for most of the members, so starting this week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening classes will be at 6:30 pm. The schedule page of the site has been updated to represent this change.


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