October 19, 2009

It is great to see the kettle bell family growing! We have been having larger classes, and many new people joining. I am able to easily say everyone is improving or perfecting their CoreFit N’ Motion skills!!!! Even if you think you can’t do the workout because of any reason, we can work around injuries, health issues, or other concerns. This program is for everyone and anyone.

A little more about kettle bells from a different view; this program is not just a workout but a way to build a lot of muscle. Almost every exercise we do incorporates multiple muscles/muscle groups. Although this is a workout, we have a few jokesters that make it more fun and easier to workout. From dancing, singing, and anything in-between there is not a workout someone is not laughing. Besides gaining muscle, having fun, and meeting new people there is always the support that you are getting in better shape. The best way to stay healthy is to eat a well balanced diet and exercise.

Some of our equipment:

-Kettle-bells: they vary in many different weights, activate muscles I never knew I had

-Ropes: thick, weighted, long and short ropes used to activate arm, leg, and core muscles

-Jump Ropes: Buddy Lee style, or the big heavy duty rope

-Bandit Loops: loops hanging from the bar, used for more purposes than can be listed.

-The BEAST!!: A huge kettle bell that allows you to fill it with steel shot.

-Hurdles, medicine balls, ladders, pinch blocks and so much more.

This equipment is not just used in our gym, it is used in gyms and weight loss programs around the world. Such as, on the Biggest Loser they have recently added kettlebells and ropes to their programs.

I hope you will consider giving this workout program a chance, it has a variety of body structures, different athleticism abilities, and all different ages. From young teens to adults, from tae kwon do athletes to our pastor. Everyone is welcome to join, hope to see you at our open house this weekend!!!


Open House

October 15, 2009

Curious about kettlebells? We are having an open house on October 24th from 1-4.  Save the date and plan on coming down.  We will be having demonstrations, food and prizes. All members that bring a friend will get extra entries for the prizes!  The open house will be the last day we are offering our discounted pricing!

We are still growing with one or two new members each week. It has been fun to see the rapid improvements in everyone. People are lifting more weight, and performing all the movements so much better.  Here are some recent pics:


Bandit Loop Mountain Climbers

Bandit Loop Mountain Climbers

That's a lot of kettlebells!

That's a lot of kettlebells!