20 is a beautiful number. It is the number of people that attended classes today. We had 6 at the 6:00 am, 8 at the 6:00 pm and another 6 at the 7:15 class. Last week we had a record 14 people at the 7:15 class on Monday.

There are comments all over this site. Shirlene left a nice comment hidden on the Schedule page, so I thought I’d copy it into this post:

I just wanted to post that joining up at Core Fit N Motion was the best thing I could have done. Alan is a fantastic trainer, the classes are great and it is a positive environment!! I encourage anyone to try it–you’ll love it. Thank you for all your time and efforts Alan!

It has been my goal to help all people – from the athlete looking to take it to the next level or parents looking to keep up with their kids. The youngest attending the class is 11 and the oldest is in his 50’s. The workouts are enough to challenge everyone. Class sizes are picking up, and the energy created by the group makes the training much more fun.

It’s been great to see the improvements people have made already: Lyndsey is pressing the yellow and swinging green, Dexter is swinging grey, and the teenagers are using yellows and greens depending on the exercises. Soon, Tony will be pressing the grey… then black. Keep up the great work everyone, try to get to at least three classes per week and you will be amazed at your progress! For those of you that haven’t yet signed up but are interested, call to schedule a free, no obligation introductory class.


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