A Far Away Hello

Brittany, one of the taekwondo athletes that works out with us 2 or 3 days a week, is out in Colorado Springs. She is competing at the Olympic Training Center competing at a qualifying tournament, the first step in several, to qualify to fight in Singapore in 2010 at the first ever youth olympics (for 16 -17 year olds).  Good Luck Brittany.

Brittany gives me a hard time because I don’t update the blog frequently enough. I challenged her that if she wanted more frequent updates, she should help me out and write some. Last night she sent the following from Colorado:

HELLO!!! I am sad that I cannot be there to workout with you all.. I am currently in Colorado Springs, Colorado preparing for a very important tournament. As most of you know, I am in TaeKwonDo along with Travis and Dex. I am very excited to say that I am going to kick some major butt!!!!! (At least that’s the plan! :D) Tomorrow is weigh-ins for the tournament, and the five of the teammates are very excited.

I have been nagging at Alan to update the site more often, but obviously he does not listen. So, I might be writing more of the posts.  I plan on doing at least a couple a week… that’s the plan. I sure do have a lot of plans.

Recently Travis had a SMALL party in the corefit gym, but it was very fun. The whole room was filled with fog, spider webs all over, and it was very spooky. Even though not many people came, there was a slight moment when Tana showed her spunky side. Tana and I got very much into the Cupid’s Shuffle Dance. (Even though no one else joined!) I also scared the daylights out of Tana and man alive did she get me back good. I was almost out of my pants… not only Tana, but Renee, Travis, Zach, well just about everyone scared me. You would never expect the gym to look how it did, but it did. The lively, colorful, wall muraled, vibrant gym we know and love was for one night spooky!!!

Hope everyone had fun working out, everyone is improving, and we are getting so much BIGGER!!! Going to need more workouts… I think I can help with that!?!?!?!  >:O RAWR O:<   Alan should keep you updated on how we all are doing out here!!! (I am going to do my best for him.) GOOD LUCK WITHOUT ME AND DECCA TO KEEP THE JOKES FLOWING!!!!



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