60 Tons

That’s how much weight was moved Friday by 8 of us. We did a timed workout of 30 minutes of exercises including 2 hand swings, one hand swings, front squats, dead cleans, clean & press and rows. We did this workout a couple months ago. Kelsey saw a 22% improvement in her weight moved. Way to go!

Jeanne informed me that she hasn’t been to her chiropractor in over two months! It’s great to see the positive effects the workouts can have on someone. It’s one thng for a fit person to see improvements in physical performance, but it makes me feel so much better to hear about someone not experiencing the pain and discomfort they once were.  Congrats Jeanne!

Renee has been in Rhode Island for the kettlebell certification this weekend. It sounds like it has changed a lot since I was there in April. She is bringing home some great ideas to continue to improve our training program!

The Delano Business Expo is coming in April. We are planning on having a booth and will be holding small demonstrations. Stop by and check us out!


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