Game On!

Well, it has been fun to watch the excitement with the attendance contest this month. Who knew $50 would create this kind of competition. We had one member come to the morning and evening workout today to make up some ground! Keep it up. The leader is at seven classes since March 1st. There are several at six, and many more just behind. I’m planning something fun for Saturday April 3rd after the morning workout. This is also where the winner will be announced and given their gift card. More details to follow, soon. If we have a tie at the end, we will throw their names into a hat and randomly draw the winner.

We’ve had several new members join in the last couple weeks. Most have come through referrals of existing members. Remember the referral program – refer a friend and receive a free month!

When talking to many of the people calling to inquire about our programs or those coming in for their free intro, I keep hearing apprehension about joining a new class. Many are worried about joining a large class and slowing it down. Others are concerned about trying something new around others and want to start in small class. Most of our classes have less than 8 people, although occasionally classes can be up to 12 people. The intro session allows a new member to obtain a comfort level with each exercise before needing to perform it in a group. Also, our classes are based around timed “rounds” and therefore each member can work at their own pace – meaning no one has an affect on how others perform. Set your worries aside and come check us out.


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