Health & Wellness Expo

We will be at the Delano Health & Wellness Expo this weekend. We have a large booth at the expo. The expo is a fundraiser for the Delano Fire Department. As a result, we will not be having class this Saturday.

Our booth should be large enough to bring our short set of ropes. The Suunto Heart Monitoring system is in, and we will have it on display. Stop by and say hi.

People usually come to us for one of two reasons (or both): 1. Get in better shape or, 2. Lose weight. I have talked to AdvantageHealth to bring a nutrition program to the gym over the summer. I have heard that 6 members are interested and 3 more may be interested. We need 20 to make a go of it. This program is open to non-members, so if you’re interested, let us know. Also, I came across a great website last week, It is a subscription based site that contains a huge food data base, and combines it with a food and exercise diary to help you set a goal and measure your results. Remember, weight loss is simple: calories in must be less than calories out. makes tracking this simple.


One Response to Health & Wellness Expo

  1. Alyssa says:

    I’m so excited to check out the heart monitoring system! See you Saturday at the Expo Saturday!

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