Heart Rate Monitoring

We’ve had Suunto Heart Rate Monitoring in place now for several weeks….

People interested in joining often call and ask about the benefits of kettlebells and our training. Some think they will still need to do “cardio” in addition to our workouts. The Suunto has shown that our workouts give plenty of cardio.

After each workout, each member is sent an email that shows the statistics of the workout. Specifically the report shows average heart rate, peak heart rate, calories burned and how much time was spent in each zone relative to maximum heart rate (<60%, 60-70%, 70-80%, 80-90% and 90-100%). The system also gives a training effect 1: Recovering, 2: Maintaining, 3: Improving, 4: Highly Improving, and 5: Overreaching. Most of our workouts have provided a Training effect of 2.5 – 5.0. The system has allowed individuals to train smarter instead of harder, and is helping keep members from over-training. The system also provides feedback to track results. It’s been interesting to see caloric burn; on the low end some have burned as little as 300 calories in a 45 minute workout and on the high end one burned over 700 calories during a different 45 minute workout.

Seeing each person’s heart rate percentage on a large screen monitor during the workout allows us to make on-the-spot changes to the workout for the group and individual to maximize results. We’ve even been able to change up the workouts extending or shortening break periods to keep heart rates up, or to provide adequate recovery time.

Are you interested in training smarter and being able to track the results of your workout? If so, come in and check out the Suunto Heart Rate Monitoring System!


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