November 2, 2009

20 is a beautiful number. It is the number of people that attended classes today. We had 6 at the 6:00 am, 8 at the 6:00 pm and another 6 at the 7:15 class. Last week we had a record 14 people at the 7:15 class on Monday.

There are comments all over this site. Shirlene left a nice comment hidden on the Schedule page, so I thought I’d copy it into this post:

I just wanted to post that joining up at Core Fit N Motion was the best thing I could have done. Alan is a fantastic trainer, the classes are great and it is a positive environment!! I encourage anyone to try it–you’ll love it. Thank you for all your time and efforts Alan!

It has been my goal to help all people – from the athlete looking to take it to the next level or parents looking to keep up with their kids. The youngest attending the class is 11 and the oldest is in his 50’s. The workouts are enough to challenge everyone. Class sizes are picking up, and the energy created by the group makes the training much more fun.

It’s been great to see the improvements people have made already: Lyndsey is pressing the yellow and swinging green, Dexter is swinging grey, and the teenagers are using yellows and greens depending on the exercises. Soon, Tony will be pressing the grey… then black. Keep up the great work everyone, try to get to at least three classes per week and you will be amazed at your progress! For those of you that haven’t yet signed up but are interested, call to schedule a free, no obligation introductory class.



October 19, 2009

It is great to see the kettle bell family growing! We have been having larger classes, and many new people joining. I am able to easily say everyone is improving or perfecting their CoreFit N’ Motion skills!!!! Even if you think you can’t do the workout because of any reason, we can work around injuries, health issues, or other concerns. This program is for everyone and anyone.

A little more about kettle bells from a different view; this program is not just a workout but a way to build a lot of muscle. Almost every exercise we do incorporates multiple muscles/muscle groups. Although this is a workout, we have a few jokesters that make it more fun and easier to workout. From dancing, singing, and anything in-between there is not a workout someone is not laughing. Besides gaining muscle, having fun, and meeting new people there is always the support that you are getting in better shape. The best way to stay healthy is to eat a well balanced diet and exercise.

Some of our equipment:

-Kettle-bells: they vary in many different weights, activate muscles I never knew I had

-Ropes: thick, weighted, long and short ropes used to activate arm, leg, and core muscles

-Jump Ropes: Buddy Lee style, or the big heavy duty rope

-Bandit Loops: loops hanging from the bar, used for more purposes than can be listed.

-The BEAST!!: A huge kettle bell that allows you to fill it with steel shot.

-Hurdles, medicine balls, ladders, pinch blocks and so much more.

This equipment is not just used in our gym, it is used in gyms and weight loss programs around the world. Such as, on the Biggest Loser they have recently added kettlebells and ropes to their programs.

I hope you will consider giving this workout program a chance, it has a variety of body structures, different athleticism abilities, and all different ages. From young teens to adults, from tae kwon do athletes to our pastor. Everyone is welcome to join, hope to see you at our open house this weekend!!!

Open House

October 15, 2009

Curious about kettlebells? We are having an open house on October 24th from 1-4.  Save the date and plan on coming down.  We will be having demonstrations, food and prizes. All members that bring a friend will get extra entries for the prizes!  The open house will be the last day we are offering our discounted pricing!

We are still growing with one or two new members each week. It has been fun to see the rapid improvements in everyone. People are lifting more weight, and performing all the movements so much better.  Here are some recent pics:


Bandit Loop Mountain Climbers

Bandit Loop Mountain Climbers

That's a lot of kettlebells!

That's a lot of kettlebells!

Still Growing

September 23, 2009

It’s great to see the continued interest in kettlebells.  This week, Shirlene joined the fray!  She is one of us early birds and joins Tyler, Dawn and I as the regulars with the occasional visit by Mike and Lyndsey.

Some good news, the Delano Herald interviewed me today and will be running a story on Core Fit ‘N Motion.  It was fun talking to a reporter about all the things we do: Kettlebells, Ropes, Bandit Loops, Bodyweight exercises, Barbells and Dumbells as well as how we use them, Core, Stability, Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Quickness and Explosion; we work it all!

Here are some of the photos I sent to the reporter, we’ll see what makes the paper…


Lorin, Mike and I on the overhead press

Mike and Lorin on the ropes... The new 2" ropes Mike is using are exhausting!

Mike and Lorin on the ropes... The new 2" ropes Mike is using are exhausting!

Mike and Lorin doing the Bandit Row - can you say core stability!

Mike and Lorin doing the Bandit Row - can you say core stability!

Mike, Lyndsey and Dawn doing the 6 am row

Mike, Lyndsey and Dawn doing the 6 am row

Mike, Lyndsey and Lorin doing the barbell Situp Getup. Great Work!

Mike, Lyndsey and Lorin doing the barbell Situp Getup. Great Work!

Family Affair

September 14, 2009

Things have been picking up.  This morning  we had Lyndsey, Mike and Dawn show up for the 6 am class.  Tonight we had Tana, Christine, Jackie, Jennifer, Sheila, Renee and Brittany.  Last week Tyler and Bobbie joined. Core Fit ‘N Motion is becoming a family affair.  Bobbie started on Saturday and is Brittany’s mom. Jackie and Christine also started on Saturday and they are Tana’s daughters. Tyler has been our paster for 8 years and feels like he’s part of our family and Lyndsey is my Taekwondo instructor’s wife. Not to mention, we also have Dexter and Jen (husband and wife) along with their son, Lorin, working out with us. To celebrate all the families, anyone that signs up for a new family membership during the remainder of September, can do so for $99 per month!

Also, due to popular demand we are changing the schedule a little. It seems as though 6:00 is too early in the evening for most of the members, so starting this week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening classes will be at 6:30 pm. The schedule page of the site has been updated to represent this change.

First Week!

September 4, 2009
It’s been a busy week, even though it has been short due to the opening on Tuesday.  Tuesday started with an intro with our newest member. Welcome Sheila!  Jennifer was going to start this week, but due to illness won’t be joining us until next week.  I’m looking foward to meeting her on Tuesday.  Tyler has also stated he will join, but hasn’t picked a time for his intro yet. Jenna stopped in on Tuesday, but hasn’t called yet for her into. I hope to hear back from her again soon.

I’m glad to say that we’ve had people here for each of the first four workouts. Dawn drove 37 miles from Andover to Delano to workout at 6:00 am on Wednesday and Friday. Sheila came for her first official class Wednesday night and we had 8 people here for the Thursday night class. I will be out of town for the Friday evening and Saturday morning classes, so I have left workouts behind and Renee will be opening the gym for those wanting to come in and try the workouts on their own.  Good luck to those that come in to work out.

Remember, we are offering a special $69 unlimited monthly rate for those that sign up before the grand opening open house that we will be holding in October!

On to the pics to see the space and some of the members in action!

New Store Front

New Store Front

Inside the Gym

Inside the Gym

Brittany on the Dumbell Snatch

Brittany on the Dumbell Snatch

11 Year-Old Josh doing the kettlebell snatch

11 Year-Old Josh doing the kettlebell snatch

Renegade Renee (with the Temporary Core Fit tattoo)

Renegade Renee (with the Temporary Core Fit tattoo)

Ropes and Swings

Ropes and Swings

Dexter is always having fun at Core Fit 'N Motion

Dexter having fun at Core Fit 'N Motion

We’re Open!

September 1, 2009

It’s been a lot of work to get the new space ready for opening, but we made it… Some little details to finish up, but for workout purposes we are ready to go.  Two people took advantage of the pre-opening special pricing I listed in the previous update. Welcome Sheila and Jennifer!!!

I will be holding a grand opening in October.  I’m not sure of the exact date. To celebrate the opening and to build class sizes before then I am offering additional special pricing until the grand opening – unlimited monthly classes for just $69!

I hope to get some pictures uploaded tomorrow.

Almost There!

August 24, 2009

It’s been a busy month getting the space ready, while still training every morning and night!  I finally got some pictures ready to post.  I’m afraid to show the really bad before pictures, so I’m only including one that shows an example of some of the stuff left behind. I filled a trailer that is 16 feet long, 6 1/2 feet wide and 2 feet tall with the garbage that was left behind. That does not even include a fully functional (but dirty) stainless steel refrigerator that I kept, a functioning microwave and all the recyclable material that I recycled separately!

I will be open next week.  The new phone is installed (but they didn’t set up the voicemail yet) so I connected an answering machine.  The phone number for the gym is (763) 267-7847.  The ads have been running in the Delano Herald and the Shopper.  The hits on the site have been through the roof due to the advertising.  For those of you that have seen the paper ads and have checked out the site, if you contact the gym and leave me a message prior to the opening date of 9/1 I will let you sign up for the reduced rate of $49 per month (this includes a mandatory introductory session).  Mention that you saw the ad on this site.

Let’s get to the good stuff – pictures. Here’s a before pic:


Work on the space has been constant.  The sound system is installed (speakers on the back wall), most of the painting is completed, the flooring is in, and the mirrors are in. I still need to anchor the ropes (which can be seen on the floor).  We will have a bright space to work out in!

Almost Ready

Ron helped me install the rack for the bandit loops.  2 pairs of the loops are hanging and the third will go up this weekend. In the meantime, the kids have found a fun purpose for the loops. My purpose might not be quite as fun, but will be very functional.

New Use for Bandit Loops

This pic is not related to the new space, but I felt the need to comment on this nice swing!  Mike you are looking great!

Nice Swing

Space Update

August 17, 2009

The new space is located at 214 River Street North, in Delano.  I hope to get some pictures posted soon!

My ad ran in this week’s Delano Herald for the first time.  I will be running weekly ads to get the word out.

The paint is up on three of the walls.  The new storefront should be installed at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  Once the new glass and door is installed, we will be able to paint the front wall. The mirrors are installed – all 26 feet!  A new bathroom door is also in.  We have installed half the flooring. The rest of the flooring should be installed by the end of the week.  The phone and internet should be installed Friday. The phone was supposed to be installed 2 weeks ago, but they ran into problems with the service to the building

All my kettlebells, ropes, bandit loops, jump ropes, barbells and dumbells have arrived. I still need to install anchors for the bandit loops and ropes.

In all, we should be ready to go for the anticipated 9/1 open date!

p.s. Good luck at national team trials this weekend Brittany!!!!

New Space!

August 8, 2009

Thanks Brittany for your last comment!  After reading it, I thought I should give everyone an update.  I have leased a great space that will give us 1500 square feet of pure workout space.  In this space we should be able to have plenty of room to move!

I am looking for a 9/1 open date, and will be having an open house sometime in October.  I’ve ordered a bunch of new equipment (some of which we’ve  already used – like the timer).  I’ve received all my 12, 16 and 20 kg kettlebells (26 total) from Art of Strength – these new bells  are awesome!.  I’m still waiting on the new 8, 24 and 32 kg kettlebells from Art of Strength.  I have also received all my ropes as well as the old school barbells and dumbells – ready to create real strength?  I’ve got my 4, 28, 36, 40 and 44 kg bells from Perform Better – they have been great to work with as well.

Let me get back to the painting… I started yesterday and got two surprise helpers and two surprise baby sitters.  As a result, we were able to get some serious paint up, and finished it off with Dave’s Town Club food 🙂 Then, this morning as I was going to go for a run with Brittany, the two helpers took my key and got the second coat up without me!!!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Tomorrow, the new bathroom door gets installed, and hopefully more paint if today’s is dry enough to tape for nice, clean, sharp edges.

Mirrors will be delivered by the end of the week and the new storefront will be installed at the end of this week or the beginning of next week – thanks Glass Doctor!

Still need A/C…. way too hot to train indoors in the summer without it.

Hey, by the way…. I heard Tana is down two sizes 🙂  She brought her son (recently graduated from high school) and I think she out performed him???  Also, her son brought a friend, Lee, for a couple workouts.  It was fun working with Lee this week.  I hope to see him back before him and Gavin go off to college.  Good luck in college guys!!!